MediView XR Gives Surgeons an Inside Look.

Imagine if you were a surgeon with X-ray vision. No, this isn’t a superhero plotline or wishful thinking. Thanks to Cleveland-based MediView XR, surgeons now have the ability to see directly inside a patient’s body instead of looking at 2D images on a display screen. By superimposing real-time images onto patients through augmented and extended reality, MediView is working to continue advancing the technology behind Katie Stubblefield’s revolutionary face transplant to change the future of operations.

“We are a surgical navigation company in the medical device space,” said CEO and co-founder John W. Black. “We’re trying to solve for the limitations on current procedural visualizations, or the way that surgeons can “see inside” a patient. To put it simply, our technology gives surgeons X-ray vision so that they can see a patient’s own internal anatomy without having to make an incision.”

Sound sci-fi? Black explains that MediView XR is currently focused in the cancer space, helping patients avoid invasive, three hour procedures with high radiation to remove tumors. Instead of relying on surgery or radiation, a surgeon has a special set of glasses and a head-mounted display (think AR goggles). Using augmented reality and Real-Time, Fused Holographic Visualization (RTFHV) the surgeon looks through the goggles and sees the patient’s bones, blood vessels, organs and tumor as they lie on the procedure table […read more]