(Not FDA cleared)

Holographic Needle Trajectory

MediView XR50 is an ergonomic and collaborative ultrasound imaging solution with a versatile holographic needle trajectory for needle-based procedures. With Microsoft’s HoloLens2 head-mounted display and the GE Vivid iq ultrasound system, practitioners can place and observe the ultrasound imaging anywhere in the room and can align their hands, patient, medical instrument and imaging. The caregiver can view the ultrasound in another unprecedented way – they can see ultrasound image projected from the probe and displaying the patient’s internal anatomy, similar to a flashlight beam.
For intra-procedural trajectory planning, XR50 also provides a versatile holographic needle trajectory. This holographic needle trajectory allows a practitioner to identify and highlight a clear pathway to the targeted anatomy where the needle is being guided.

Robust Ultrasound Integration: Compatible with various probe types used to perform ultrasound guided interventional and needle-based procedures, XR50 is a diverse imaging tool providing a new way to view patient anatomy and visually lock in the trajectory of the needle for the procedure in alignment with the patient’s body.

* CPT codes available for interprofessional consultation.