3D Holographic Guidance and Navigation for Percutaneous Ablation of Solid Tumor

by the National Library of Medicine | Sara Al-Nimer | Kihyun Cho | Anouva Kalra-Lall | Jeffrey Yanof, PhD | Aydan Hanlon, BS | Crew Weunski, BS | Karl West, MS | Charles Martin III, MD

National Library of Medicince Clinical Study

National Library of Medicine

This report presents the first feasibility evaluation of 3-dimensional (3D) holographic guidance and navigation for performing percutaneous thermal ablation of solid tumors. The HoloLens augmented reality headset (Microsoft, Redmond, WA) was used to intraprocedurally a) project patient-specific, true 3D holograms of anatomical structures and b) track interventional instruments in spatial registration with (while seeing through to) the real (physical) operative site ().

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