Early Clinical Feasibility Evaluation of an Augmented Reality Platform for Guidance and Navigation during Percutaneous Tumor Ablation

by the National Library of Medicine | Gaurav Gadodia, MD | Jeffrey Yanof, PhD | Aydan Hanlon, BS | Crew Weunski, BS | Karl West, MS | Charles Martin III, MD

National Library of Medicince Clinical Study

National Library of Medicince

An augmented reality platform with a head-mounted display and electromagnetic tracking of instruments was developed for percutaneous procedural guidance. Earlier work had demonstrated bench and first-in-human feasibility of the platform. This report further evaluated the clinical usability and benefits of this technology. The platform was used in 12 patients who had been referred for percutaneous thermal ablation of abdominal soft tissue tumors. In 10 cases, the intraprocedural holographic guidance agreed with the standard imaging guidance. The evaluation was limited in 2 cases because of anatomic and workflow issues. Overall, this series demonstrated the clinical feasibility of this platform and the potential benefits of its use in percutaneous procedures.

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