MediView Announces Strategic Development Agreement with GE Healthcare

April 13, 2021

MediView XR, Inc.™ today announced that MediView, an Augmented Reality startup specializing in advanced holographic medical visualization and telehealth, and GE Healthcare, the leading global provider of ultrasound imaging, have signed a Strategic Development Agreement.

This partnership brings together MediView’s expertise in 3D augmented reality medical visualization, surgical navigation, telecollaboration capabilities and procedural data insights to enhance and simplify clinical decision making along with GE Healthcare’s world-class ultrasound imaging technologies, digital infrastructure, data analytics, and clinical decision support capabilities.

MediView is leveraging GE’s Edison Developer Program that is accessible to companies with disruptive technologies and innovative solutions. Among its many capabilities, the Edison Developer Program provides partners with access to ultrasound images in the context of on-device applications or external applications1. These applications, which are potentially AI-based, can span many clinical needs including 2D/3D visualization, segmentation, exam automation, decision support, quantification, telemedicine, and real-time detection and guidance. MediView is among a growing list of innovative companies taking advantage of the published interfaces and development sandbox to design and develop applications that serve unmet market needs and drive innovation and efficiency.

On the collaboration with GE and value of the Edison Developer Program, Mina Fahim, MediView President & Chief Technology Officer, commented “The GE & MediView partnership demonstrates how two organizations can combine their strengths and core competencies to solve long-standing problems in healthcare with novel and seamless solutions. Leveraging GE’s world-class imaging and MediView’s mixed reality navigation & teleprocedure capabilities will help democratize access to the highest levels of care.” Specifically, MediView’s MediScout offering is designed to be paired with GE’s powerful and portable VividTM iq cardiovascular ultrasound scanner and provides a heads-up, augmented reality display of the real-time ultrasound image using Microsoft’s latest HoloLens technology and shares that experience with a remote assistant, thereby extending support to users and their patients, including those that are remote and underserved. MediView is developing additional solutions which will build on this foundation and continue integrating the standard of care with innovative technologies.

“Our partnership with MediView is a great example of the power of the Edison Developer Program. Companies that want to leverage the real-time, low cost, non-ionizing benefits of ultrasound and the strength of GE Healthcare’s world-class ultrasound portfolio can use the program to take a concept and turn it into a commercial product. As an early preferred partner, MediView has done exactly that, and we are excited to continue to work with them as they create innovative solutions that incorporate ultrasound and other imaging.” said Mike Washburn, GE Healthcare’s General Imaging Ultrasound Chief Engineer.

1 Available today on GE’s latest Vivid products including Vivid E95, Vivid iq and EchoPAC