Mediview announced as Grand Prize Winner of the 2022 CableLabs 10G Challenge

Sep 22, 2022

MediView XR was announced as the grand prize winner of the 2022 CableLabs 10G Challenge recognizing its efforts in improving access to specialized breast cancer care with telehealth innovation. Competing in the Live category, and judged by a panel from the Mayo Clinic, Mr. Michael Powell recognized during the awards ceremony the importance of emerging technology platforms for disease state management.

Current protocols for the treatment of cancer patients require the care of specialty physicians in NCI-designated cancer centers for best outcomes; an alternative cancer care delivery model must be developed to bridge the current gap of access to specialty trained physicians while considering the new landscape of emerging technologies. The potential for receiving care at an NCI-designated cancer center decreases by 11% for every 10 miles of travel. Patients required to travel long distances have worse outcomes. For example, in Kansas, 48 hospitals are at immediate risk for closing and 28 are at high-risk. The closure of 76 rural hospitals will be devastating for care. Simply put, these closures translate into more cancer deaths. Cancer deaths decreased 15% from 2007 to 2017. Remarkably, the data showed that this was a 22% reduction in metropolitan cancer related deaths compared to only 4% in rural areas. Our team has our roots in rural and tribal areas where the best cancer treatment is not available to address the real problem of equitable and available cancer treatment. Unfortunately, this is a real problem that so many people in rural and tribal areas face. We are inspired to create an effective solution by adding 10G technology to the MediView solution to solve this problem. Our team is very excited about the program we have put together. It allows patients in rural communities to remain within their rural community and have direct face-to-face conversations and physical exams with a specially trained provider at an NCI designated cancer center.

About the 10G Challenge

The 10G Challenge is powered by CableLabs in collaboration with industry experts to inspire innovators to leverage the emerging 10G network. The Challenge is designed to support developing technologies, services and applications that rely on the network of the future. In 2022, after receiving myriad impressive submissions from innovators across the U.S. and Canada, six winners were chosen who demonstrated how they will leverage the power of the 10G network to shape the way we live, work, learn and play. The 10G network is bringing higher internet speeds, more security, lower latency and improved reliability. 10G is a new, powerful broadband network that serves as a platform for innovators to develop new solutions that impact the way we live, work, learn and play. CableLabs, a leading innovation lab, is committed to helping advance R&D and collaboration for a 10G future. CableLabs consists of innovators helping innovators accelerate the delivery of technologies that impact the world.