Augmented and Mixed Reality: Technologies for Enhancing the Future of IR

by | Stephen J. Hunt, MD, PhD | Charles Martin III, MD | Gregory J. Nadolski,MD | Bradford J. Wood, MD | Terence P. Gade, MD, PhD


Augmented and mixed reality are emerging interactive and display technologies.These technologies are able to merge virtual objects, in either 2 or 3 dimensions, with the real world. Image guidance is the cornerstone of interventional radiology. With augmented or mixed reality, medical imaging can be more readily accessible or displayed in actual 3-dimensional space during procedures to enhance guidance, at times when this information is most needed. In this review, the current state of these technologies is addressed followed by a fundamental overview of their inner workings and challenges with 3-dimensional visualization. Finally, current and potential future applications in interventional radiology are highlighted […read more]