University of Findlay students learn with cutting-edge medical technology

by Todd Cummins | Jun 3, 2022

The University of Findlay is the first campus in the nation to train on new cutting-edge technology to perform ultrasounds and will help refine it to make it better in the future.

“What you are seeing is one of the first technologies that’s ever been released using augmented reality or smart glasses that are brought into the medical setting,” says John Black, CCO, MediView XR, Inc. “So, this is one of the first devices in the United States that has cleared the FDA registration process and is now actually being deployed out in a clinical environment.”

The augmented reality technology from MediView XR, Inc. puts the medical sonographers in line with the patient while they are performing a procedure, instead of looking off to the side looking at a screen, risking injury to themselves.

“When we are scanning sometimes, we are put in different position and we can hurt our shoulders, our necks, and things like that,” says Sarah Niese, Instructor of Teaching and Clinical Coordinator in the Echocardiography Program, University of Findlay. “So now when this technology is in our field of view we can see our picture here versus maybe turning and looking away from our patient. So we can put our screen right at our patient now.” […read more ]