We’re on a mission to simplify, democratize and inform healthcare delivery.

By combining augmented reality, telecollaboration and data-driven insights, MediView technologies are creating the new gold standards for diagnostic imaging, surgical navigation and patient care.

Developing a New Standard of Care

At MediView, our team is united under the mission to transform medical imaging and procedures with 3D solutions. We develop custom visualization software to enable clinicians to perform at the highest degree possible, with patient outcomes at the forefront of everything we do.

In Partnership with World-Class Partners

MediView is an Ohio based medtech company refining and expanding technologies originally developed at the Cleveland Clinic. Our technologies combine the power of augmented reality, telecollaboration and evidence-based insights intended to synergistically improve medical imaging, clinical efficiencies, patient outcomes and access to high-quality modern medical services. MediView delivers these technologies through partnerships with two leading organizations: GE Healthcare and Microsoft. 

Our Story