Movers & Shakers: Adam Rakestraw on X-ray vision, building his own house and pivoting from law to medical tech

Early in his career, Adam Rakestraw thought he was going to be a lawyer. The northwest Ohio native went to law school and opened a private practice before realizing it wasn’t what he wanted to do. Now, more than 15 years later, Rakestraw is chairman and co-founder of rapidly growing MediView XR Inc., a medical imaging company with revolutionary tech that gives surgeons X-ray vision. We sat down with Rakestraw to talk about his entrepreneurial journey, his successful career pivot and his latest home-improvement project.

How did MediView come together?

MediView was founded by me and John Black. We had both worked in the medical device field for more than a dozen years, starting from the ground floor and working our way up. We were in surgeries late at night, battling difficult cases, loving what we did and being involved with patients and healthcare. But we wanted to do something more and we both had a drive to further our careers within healthcare […Read more]