(Not FDA cleared)

Holographic Surgical Navigation

Welcome to the future: We are now in a world where surgeons can perform procedures aided by augmented reality, giving them unprecedented 3-D “X-Ray vision.” MediView’s XR90 is a visualization and navigation system for minimally invasive procedures for soft tissue and bone.  The device utilizes augmented reality to precisely overlay highly detailed and colorized 3D MRI or CT images of a patient’s comprehensive internal anatomy, including organs, bones, and vasculature.
The result is an unprecedented view of the patient’s internal anatomy under their skin with full depth and detail for the surgeon via holographic surgical navigation.

Transformative Vision: The 3D medical images remain accurately aligned to the patient while integrated ultrasound imaging provides the ability to adjust the holographic images for soft tissue movement in real time. The XR90 system also tracks surgical instruments to the images and the patient’s targeted anatomy allowing for intra-operative planning and navigation. The 3D vision and precise tracking capabilities can lead to unparalleled visibility and accuracy for minimally invasive procedures.

Data Driven Insights: Along with X-Ray vision, the XR90 will produce and capture unique data relating to the 3D medical imaging, location of medical instruments and delivery of therapy throughout procedures. This will allow data driven insights to be produced for healthcare providers for future procedures, creating ongoing opportunities for advancement in diagnosis and treatment options.