MediView XR90

Holographic Surgical Navigation

Welcome to the future: We are now in a world where surgeons can perform procedures aided by augmented reality, giving them unprecedented 3-D “X-Ray vision.” MediView’s XR90 is a visualization and navigation system for minimally invasive ultrasound-guided needle-based procedures for soft tissue and bone.  The device utilizes augmented reality to precisely overlay highly detailed and colorized 3D CT images of a patient’s comprehensive internal anatomy, including organs, bones, and vasculature with real-time tracked ultrasound and instrumentation. The result is an unprecedented view of the patient’s internal anatomy under their skin with full depth and detail for the proceduralist.

Transformative Vision: The CT-based Holographic Anatomy is projected to optimize hand-eye coordination and registered with real-time ultrasound imaging. The XR90 system also tracks surgical instruments to the images and the patient’s targeted anatomy allowing for pre-operative planning and intra-operative visualization of virtual images using the heads-up display. The 3D vision and precise tracking capabilities can lead to unparalleled visibility and accuracy* for minimally invasive procedures.

* Accuracy evaluated in benchtop, cadaveric, and animal studies. Data on file. Tracking accuracy evaluated per FDA-recognized consensus standard for computer-assisted surgical systems.