Glenn Raudins

Chief Technology Officer

Professional Experience

Glenn Raudins is a technology leader, software architect, and team lead, with over 25 years of experience across startups and big med-tech, focused on Medical Imaging and 3D visualization markets.

Glenn has worked in a number of medical device industries, including CT/MR/US imaging, radiation therapy, EP and cardiac mapping. His experience includes developing and delivering a diverse range of products, including a company-wide medical imaging common platform, non-invasive cardiac mapping system, radiation treatment planning, MRI-guided radiation delivery software, CT scanner visualization software, photorealistic lighting and rendering software, visual simulation industry geometric modeling and real-time animation tool.

His specialties include medical imaging, software architectures, 3D visualization, segmentation. Recent work includes augmented reality, tracking, machine learning, computer vision, cloud, analytics, and telemedicine. Prior to MediView, Glenn started a company focused on medical imaging platform development, managed software engineering at ViewRay, oversaw next-generation cardiac mapping designs at Medtronic and was a Software Architect at Philips Healthcare on the Philips Common Platform for medical imaging applications.