Ergonomic Collaborative Imaging

MediView XR30 is an ergonomic and collaborative ultrasound imaging solution that integrates with Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 head-mounted display and the GE Vivid iq ultrasound system. XR30 allows healthcare practitioners to view an ultrasound image in an ergonomically optimized location during a procedure through augmented reality.

Natural Alignment of Senses: Practitioners will have the ability to view ultrasound imaging through the HoloLens 2 headset while scanning with the ultrasound or guiding a needle, enabling a potential reduction in focus shifts away from the patient. Via augmented reality, the ultrasound image hovers in alignment with the patient, the practitioner’s hands and medical tools, with the intention of increasing efficiency and hand-eye coordination during procedures.

Robust Ultrasound Integration: Compatible with various probe types used to perform ultrasound diagnostic imaging and ultrasound guided interventional procedures, the XR30 is a diverse imaging tool providing value to multiple practitioner types.

*MediView XR30 is a commercially available FDA Class I medical device for sale in the US

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